How Brown increases the power of your marketing

Customer review

An executive report describing what key customers and prospects think about the company. This information will never come from the sales department. 

Product development

Complete process of bringing an idea to market; from concept to sale. Decrease time to market while increasing the momentum of the launch.

Agency/vendor review

Analysis of outside vendor performance. It's more than just cost; it's improving your company's input to maximize your vendor's output.

Marketing plan

Develops an analysis of the company's current market situation with a written, step-by-step plan to meet the objectives of management.

Market research

Eliminate the "I think" environment and replace it with, "We know." Qualified and quantified, research benefits from an outside set of eyes.

Communication research

Business needs to know how their communication affects their audience.   In this era, to simply equate ads, PR and social media to sales is just lazy.

Broad customer base from major big box retailers to global industrial manufacturers. Big or small, better marketing wins.

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